Amprius Technologies Delivers the Highest Energy Density Lithium-Ion Batteries in the World

100% Silicon Nanowire Technology Revolutionizes Battery Technology

Developed on a patented technology platform that includes a 100% silicon nanowire anode, Amprius Technologies batteries provide significantly more energy and power with less weight and volume than any other lithium-ion battery technology. Amprius Technologies batteries provide up to 50% higher energy density than standard lithium ion batteries with carbon anodes. Learn more about our technology.

Delivering 100% Silicon Nanowire Batteries Today

Founded in 2009, Amprius Technologies is a pioneer and the established leader in the production of silicon anodes for high energy density lithium-ion batteries. The company has developed new manufacturing methods for producing 100% silicon anodes. Setting a precedent for scalable silicon anode production, Amprius Technologies developed a unique manufacturing tool that employs a multi-step deposition process to grow 3D structures on a moving foil in a roll-to-roll system.

Research & Development

Building on research at Stanford University, Amprius Technologies continually explores new ways to improve battery technology and manufacturing processes. The original concept developed at Stanford has evolved into the first commercially produced lithium-ion battery that employs a 100% silicon nanowire anode. Amprius Technologies’ batteries have established breakthrough performance with new cells approaching 500 Wh/kg over hundreds of cycles.

Quality Assurance

Amprius Technologies employs a customer-focused Quality Management System that leverages customized software and detailed process definitions to achieve quality outcomes. The focus on quality and the quality system has been validated through independent certification to ISO 9001.

Real World Applications

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Amprius Technologies has demonstrated scalable manufacturing and revolutionary performance in real world applications at leading organizations. The company’s game changing battery technology has proven to be the ideal solution for advanced products and mission critical applications.

In Demand

Our 100% silicon, high energy density technology has attracted much attention. Amprius Technologies’ batteries are currently designed into a High Altitude Pseudo Satellite (HAPS), and the company is selling batteries for advanced wearables and drones. Batteries are in development for electric vehicles and robotics. Additionally, the company is making investments to increase production capabilities in order to support the growing demand.

Our Mission and the Path Forward

Amprius Technologies mission is to make the highest energy density lithium-ion batteries in the world. Our products enable new applications and markets that couldn’t exist without the high density storage capabilities that we provide. The performance of our batteries surpasses all other battery technologies and we are on a trajectory that will take us even further.

Moving forward, we will continue increasing manufacturing capacity and energy density. Our high performance 100% Silicon Nanowire batteries will expand from premium and mission critical applications to EV and consumer applications in the near future.

The Leadership Team

Our senior management team has earned the trust of leading public and private organizations and includes experts in technology, business management, finance, sales and marketing. The team is highly experienced in overseeing the growth of high technology companies and dedicated to the success of our customers, partners and investors.

Kang Sun, PhD
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Sun is a globally recognized business executive and industry visionary. Prior to Amprius, Dr. Sun led two business ventures in the renewable energy space – JA Solar Co. Ltd. (launched IPO on NASDAQ) and RayTracker Inc. (acquired by First Solar Inc). He also served as vice president and general manager at Honeywell International Inc. and vice president and CTO at Oce, N.V.

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Jon Bornstein
Chief Operating Officer

Jon is a results-driven leader of R&D, product development, and manufacturing with a record of success in organizations ranging from pre-product start-ups to public companies. He is a Silicon Valley veteran who has spent the better part of his career in the semiconductor industry and brings a wealth of experience in technology development and high volume manufacturing.

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William (Bill) Deihl
Chief Financial Officer

Bill has over 30 years of experience in financial and operations management with privately held development, early stage and Fortune 500 companies.  He has contributed to the success of a broad range of companies, including telecommunications equipment, semiconductor and biomedical capital equipment manufacturers, and has been CFO in two publicly traded companies with worldwide operations.

Ionel Stefan, PhD
Chief Technical Officer

Dr. Stefan is a recognized expert in electrochemistry and energy storage and leads the company’s scientific research and development activities for advancing lithium ion cell performance.

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Weijie Wang, PhD
Amprius Technologies Fellow

Dr. Wang pioneered the design and fabrication of the silicon nanowire anode.  He is responsible for nanowire development and manufacturing.

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Amprius Technologies is financed by leading venture capital and private equity investors. Some of our investors include: